Radiologic Technologist Salary, Education and Career overview in Pennsylvania

 People who choose a career as a radiology technician in the state of Pennsylvania can earn an average annual salary of $52,070 (for more information about X-ray technician salary, you can go to http://radiologytechniciansalarysource.com). Radiographer take x-ray images and CAT scans and conduct MRIs. A radiologic technologist in Pennsylvania also injects radioactive material in a patient’s veins in order to do certain types of diagnostic testing. The following is a list of 3 out of 12 accredited rad technician programs in PA that offer certificate and degree programs for people who want to a career as an x-ray technician.

x-radiation techncian

Bloomsburg University

 Bloomsburg University is one of the top radiologic schools to go to if you want to become a medical radiation technologist. Bloomsburg graduated 42 students who were qualified to gain employment in this industry. The average tuition cost is $19,400 per annum for state residents. If you are from another state, your expected tuition costs are around $27,836 per annum. Additional costs include expenses for books and supplies, as well as for on campus living costs, which are about $6,588 per annual. The degree program at this school typically takes 3 years to complete. However, there is a short clinical 3+1 option that takes less than two years. It requires 75-90 credits and then a transfer to a hospital based program for another year to eighteen months to complete. Required classes include general education classes, science, math and computer classes and 15 credits in management, science or education.

Northampton County Area Community College

 Northampton College offers a 2-year radiology program. The campus cost are $15,092 for instate residents. Out of state students pay $18,092 - campus living arrangements. Tuition fees can vary each year. Financial aid is available.

Drexel University

 Drexel University is another one of best universities in USA. This school offers both a 2-year and a 4-year degree program for radiologic technicians. After the Bachelor of Science program, you  can also enter into this exciting career field as a Cardiovascular Technologist. Full time tuition costs for the 4 year program are $43,135 per annual.





 The employment field for radiology techs is wide open for qualified students. Be sure to talk to a counselor that will help you choose the right courses and best schools in PA. Keep in mind that community college tuition and fees are less expensive than University fees and tuition. Students who enter this career field should have a strong interest in science.


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