Career Opportunities
10.10.2014 09:22

 There are a lot of opportunities because you can stick with the general radiology tech which is what many of us do but there is also opportunity for CAT scan, you can do mammography, you can do BMD so there are a lot of different branches that you can take, you can also do MRI and ultrasound for their education after and the demand for work after you graduate, there are shortages of X-ray techs, so there is lots of work available. Some volunteer work that I head down before I chose to enroll into the program was at the Queen Elizabeth hospital, doing little duties there will give you a field of what a career in this area might be like and I quite enjoyed it.

 You can get this program at your PEI which is where I got mine, it required you to have one year of science and in high school, they recommended they have your sciences, your math and your English, after a year of science, you then apply into a three year program at your PEI and so altogether it’s for you program. My education and experience was great, it was a lot of hands on, one on one, it was a very small class size which allowed you to have more time with the instructors and clinical professors so that gives you the opportunity to graduate as a confident technologist.

There are many things that I love about my job but the best thing about my job would probably be just dealing with the patients and sometimes you see them on a regular basis and you get to see them improving and just knowing that you are part of the puzzle of their treatment and diagnosis, probably one of the best things that I like.

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