Rad Tech - Pros & Cons
14.09.2014 01:05

 What inspired me was I always wanted in the health care profession, I wanted to have that one on one with the patients but also I really enjoyed science and technology and radiology is a science so require allowed me to do all of the above.
 I was in grade twelve, I was kind of exploring my career path and actually it was one of those take your kid to school day, I thought I wanted to be a nurse and I went on that route and just wasn’t for me, I was more of a hands on, technology and patient care is what I liked and this is the route I took and I am glad I did it.

Career Opportunities

 A day in the life of an rad tech is very busy, it’s very demanding, there is a lot of patients to get seen through the day, there are your inpatients, patients from the emergency room, you have your outpatients which is where you do the general duties, you can also do their special procedures as well, barium studies and histograms and venograms and angiography and there is work in the OR to be done as well where we take dynamic images. It’s very busy and there is a lot of time where you have to brush around and try and get all your patients done.
 Some rewards, that one on one contact with the patient, you feel like you are helping the patient, you are helping the doctors diagnose these patients from their images, their X-rays, get a lot of feedback from the patients as well which gives you job satisfaction. Some of the challenges are the patients individually, not every patient is mobile like the majority of us so sometimes you really have to do some critical thinking and manipulate the X-ray equipment and different methods and ways that you may take your X-rays to suit every individual.

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